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electric vehicle charging point installers


We are proud to be the South East’s installer of electric car charging stations, helping businesses and homeowners take advantage of cheaper, greener driving.

Bright Spark Electrical Services have been involved in the Electrical Contracting. Since 2004, and have set up Ecocarspark as one of their Specialist Divisions followoing a number of requests from Major Electric Car Manufacturers requiring a Specialist to refer & work with their customers to attain Electric Vehicle Charging points.

We are able to undertake all projects from single home car charging stations to more complex large installations.  

Ecocarspark take Customer service as Paramount, with the belief that small things do matter.

WallPod EV Ready

Charges almost all current EV's at mode 2

Fully prepared for future upgrade to mode 3

WallPod : EV Ready is a low-cost solution solution able to charge in mode 2 format (13amp domestic socket) almost every electric vehicle currently on the market.

This unit has also been designed and prepared to be quickly and easily upgraded to full mode 3 charging as and when required.

This 13amp IP65 domestic socket complete with 10amp overload and 30mA fault current protection can also double up as the home's outdoor maintenance socket.

Our Company

Karen Smith Proprietor & Electrician-
Bright Spark Electrical Services & Electrician.  

The Only Female Led Multi-award Winning Electricians in the South East

Karen Smith